January 17, 2017

Is Your Intuitive Engine Overheating? On Learning Intuition

Check for solsticeIs your intuitive engine overheating? Meaning, do you know when your intuition is at work, and do you know how to act on it? A lot of us don’t, which is too bad.  Responding to an intuitive hit, knowing your intuition well enough to trust it, can literally be a game changer. And maybe save you a few bucks.

As in …

A few weeks ago I was out running errands. I had just put packages in my car when I heard the words, “Engine light. Engine overheating,” and saw the engine light on my dashboard go on. Surprised, I looked at my dashboard and realized I hadn’t even turned my car on yet. Of course, this was my intuition at work. I stopped and checked in with myself: my body was fine, but the incident left me with a deep foreboding.

Now, I was driving over the mountains in a few weeks, heading from Seattle to Ellensburg, WA, to, ironically, talk about using intuition in business at the new chapter of EWomen Network, run by Tara Truax.  I decided to get an early oil change with a full service check at the Toyota dealer. Later that afternoon the dealer called: I needed brakes, which we’d been monitoring, but I also needed a water pump. Good thing I went in!

When they explained it later, the only sign of a water pump failure would be a pink spray of coolant fluid under the hood as it started to go. Beyond that, it’s too late. As the service manager said: “Engine light. Engine overheating,” the same words I’d heard the week before.

I laughed. Acting on an intuitive hit had saved my car. If the water pump had blown, I would have lost my engine. And, as the service manager explained, “You would never have made it to Ellensburg, Robyn. It’s too hot, you would have lost your car.”

I was so glad I had listened to my intuition yelling at me that day in car. To clairvoyance (seeing the engine light go on on the dashboard). To clairaudience (hearing the words). To clairsentience (tuning into how I was feeling, and knowing it wasn’t my body that felt bad, it was my intuition IN my body telling me to take care of my car).

Our intuition is real. It’s not wishy-washy, it’s not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, leap-into-the-unknown, touchy-feely thing. It’s a real sense that you can learn to use: to make your personal, business, and creative lives soar. I teach it and live by it. It’s real. It means you learn how to use it and how to react to it. Life gets better.

Give yourself the best chance you can in life. Develop your intuition. You’ll leave knowing how to use your intuition in a practical world, the one where listening to it can save your car’s engine, and help you live a vibrant, fulfilling life.

The car you save may be your own. The life you lead better? Yours.

© 2013 Robyn M Fritz

Our Space Clearing Interview with Rachel Belle, on ‘Ring My Belle,’ KIRO Radio, Seattle

Interview with Rachel Belle, Ring My Belle Radio Segment, Seattle, June 2013Fallon and I had a wonderful team meeting with Rachel Belle, a Seattle journalist who has a segment, “Ring My Belle,” on the ‘Don and Ron Show’ on KIRO Radio, 97.3 FM, in Seattle.

Rachel contacted us because she’d seen an article in the “New York Times” about space clearing. She asked us to conduct a mini-clearing of her Seattle apartment and recorded it for her radio show.

“Home Energy Cleansing: The Crystal Ball That Does Windows” is the result.

I found Rachel to be smart, curious, and funny, all excellent qualities in a reporter. She was unfamiliar with space clearing, which a lot of people are, and part of our session was explaining that it does not mean we dust or vacuum!

Space clearing cleanses the vibrations of a space. That means as we go about our day we leave bits and pieces of our emotions, feelings, and experiences behind us in the places we visit, in particular our home and business spaces.

Our space clearing service operates differently than others as well. I believe in creating partnerships between people and their spaces, to mesh the needs of both sides. That is because I believe that everything is alive, has a soul, consciousness, responsibility, free choice, and an attitude. I have discovered in my work and in my personal life that living as an equal with all life adds depth and richness plus an easy, comfortable, almost mystical connection with the things around me, whatever they are. We need an edge in our lives, a way to be enriched and nurtured as we deal with daily stresses, and space clearing does that.

Before Fallon and I do a space clearing we find out what the people need and want in the space, whether it’s real estate buy/sell, a feeling of being stuck, team building at work, or simply a refreshing change. Then I go and ask the space what it needs and wants, and come back to the people with what I learn. This often results in amazing interactions with people and their spaces—from offers to support creativity to re-energized people and spaces.

Homes are particularly emotional beings. Why? Because their job is to support and nourish us (and, I’ve discovered, they take their job very seriously). Rachel’s situation was interesting. Her home was quite clear for a 100-year-old building, but it was jealous of her work space, which she felt was getting all her attention. Rachel was interested in boosting her creativity at home with art projects, and we talked about defining spaces in a home. Part of my job with clients is to help them define areas in their home that are dedicated for certain activities, from bedrooms that are just for rest, to even a small space dedicated to creative projects.

People can hire us to clear their spaces for them, and to teach them how to do it for themselves.

Do you use space clearing at home and work? What are you results?

A big thank you to Rachel Belle for the interview. She was a lot of fun, we had fun, and her work and home spaces got her attention. It’s an awesome world!

© 2013 Robyn M Fritz


Farewell to the Hindenburg Dead: On Helping the Dead Move On

low tideOn Friday, June 07, 2013, the people killed in the Hindenburg crash on May 6, 1937, finally moved on.

That morning. As in about 76 years after they died.

Yes, most of us have heard about the crash of the Hindenburg. How it was landing on the East Coast of the U.S. and caught on fire and exploded. There’s even a video of sorts.

If you’re like me, that’s about all we’ve ever thought about it. A tragedy that happened a long, long time ago. Grisly and sad.

We didn’t think that the people who died in that disaster might still be hanging around.

I sure didn’t until this morning, when they suddenly showed up as a group at my house. Yes, the dead from the Hindenburg disaster.

Yes, I work as an intuitive, and I love my work, from intuitive consultations to helping people connect with the spaces they live and work in with the form of space clearing my crystal partner, Fallon, the Citrine Lemurian Quartz, and I created called Space Cooperating.

But sometimes it is simply quite strange. I believe that intuition and intuitive work can and is practical and eminently useful in our common sense everyday personal and business lives. I want plain ordinary everyday people to call me to help them connect with their intuition to make their lives better.

And then things like ghosts show up.

How I Started Working with the Dead

Now I’ve actually seen ghosts since I was about 9. But I never paid much attention to them, because, come on, really, ghosts? What do they have to do with me (or anyone)?

A lot, I’ve discovered in recent years. I’ve worked with the dying and the dead, with connecting people with their deceased love ones, and especially with those who have not moved on and have no one left to speak for them or to them.

I don’t know how that happened.

I do know that I work with my dad, who runs what I call the Way Station for Dead Things on the Other Side. Dad died 19 years ago, on June 30, 1994, and several years ago he started coming through, joining me in my intuitive work. A lot of which seems to be focused on the dead. When the dead move on, as in, they have left their bodies and are ready to move on to the ‘etheric’ side, they go to places like my dad’s way station. Everything does, in my experience. Trees, animals … dead nuclear power plants (as in the Japanese plant that died in the March 2011 earthquake).

One day, discussing our work together, my dad was telling me about his chosen work now: taking care of the dead as they rest up, before their guides come and collect them and they move on to review their lives and take up new experiences (in new bodies or not). He discovered after he died that he could see the living looking for the dead, and the dead looking for them. With laser-like precision, he could link them up.

Convenient, I guess, if there’s a job for that. Which, apparently, there is. His job to link them up and mine to ask him to. (Talk about keeping it in the family.)

That is what happens when people come to me to talk with the dead. My dad goes and gets them and brings them back to have a conversation with us. Not stupid things like names and favorite songs. Real things like what they are experiencing and what they think. I don’t accept clients who want to test me or the dead: I only accept clients who are ready for a transformative experience (and who understand that sometimes the dead they want to speak with just don’t show up, and something or someone else does).

These living people pay me, which means I can pay my bills. Always a good thing.

But the dead who have no one to speak for them don’t pay me, and they show up a lot. More and more frequently. Yes, there’s the aspect of service, and I’ve donated a lot of my time and talent over the years. But there’s also the question of the drain on an intuitive’s energy: this isn’t a regular job, the work days are necessarily short, and I have health limitations, so I have to be very careful.

I tend to direct the unpaying dead to my mediumship students: I work with my students to help the dead move on: I supervise, guide, encourage, and step in where necessary. It’s good training and I learned this way: you get to figure out how you work as a medium without the pressure of living clients (like an unpaid intership).

But I need paying clients, and even my guides have chimed in and urged me away from ‘the dead without money,’ because the more energy I direct to them, the less time I have for the realities of supporting myself. And, just as important, at a certain point treating this work as a regular business (profit and loss) helps ramp up your energy and fine-tune the work itself (and I’ve long since reached that point).

But things changed with the Hindenburg dead. When they showed up, I knew my life was forever changed. It was as if I’d been preparing for this, and I was ready for it.

The Hindenburg Dead in My Living Room

It was early morning on Friday, June 7. I was preparing medications and breakfast for my sick dog, Alki, and breakfast for me and Grace the Cat. I was listening to the Weather Channel’s report on Tropical Storm Andrea (the pro bono work I do mostly involves working with land and weather systems, so following hurricanes is necessary).

I was only vaguely listening to the TV in the background. I heard them announce a promo for an upcoming show on weather-related disasters, and then they switched to interview someone on the crash of the Hindenburg and the weather that day.

I was appalled to hear it described as a “flying bomb,” because of the hydrogen fuel. The Hindenburg crash was a terrible accident: they simply didn’t understand what they were doing, and bad weather and static charges also figured in. 

When I heard that I felt a huge wave of compassion rush through me: compassion for the engineers who didn’t get it until it was too late, compassion for the dead who must have been terrified and who died stupid deaths, compassion for those left to grieve.

I think it was the wave of compassion that triggered the sudden appearance of the Hindenburg dead in my living room. Suddenly the room filled up with angry, shouting people who were clearly reacting to the news story.

“They killed us!” “A flying bomb?” “He did it!” There were so many voices saying so many different things that I was momentarily paralyzed by the shock of their sudden appearance and the vocal mayhem.

I held up my hand and yelled, “Stop! Everyone be quiet!”

In the sudden silence I spoke to them (I don’t often see the dead who show up, and I didn’t see these, but I could feel a lot of them in the room and their feelings).

“They didn’t understand it was a flying bomb,” I told them. “I am so sorry for you, it was a terrible accident, I am so sorry for you. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, no one did it on purpose.”

Already tired, and knowing I had a busy schedule that day, I decided to call a student and friend whose regular assignment is to sit with her guide and help the dead he brings to her move on.

When we were on the phone, our guides and my partner, Fallon, joined us. I repeated what I had already said. There was one dead person cowering in the corner, off by himself, clearly being ostracized by the rest.

I sensed a spokesman, a group leader. “Is there a Henry here? Could Henry step up and speak for the group?”

A man stepped forward and looked at me.

“I’m sorry that you all died so horribly,” I said. “Do you know how long ago that was? We’re talking to you from the 21st century. It’s 2013 now.”

They went silent. My friend could see the shock on their faces, and I could feel it, like an electric shock.

 “That man in the corner. He didn’t do it,” I told the Hindenburg dead. “It wasn’t sabotage. He was innocent. It was an accident. They didn’t know hydrogen would explode like that.” I paused. “Believe me. It’s true.”

My friend chimed in, saying she thought there were about 30 people there.

 “I’m sorry for all of you,” I said to the ghost leader. “But the Hindenburg crashed in the 1930s. There’s no one left in your families, unless they were very young. They’ve all died and moved on. We can help you move on.”

They processed that as I went on. “That man in the corner, he is innocent. He didn’t sabotage the Hindenburg. It was an accident.” They looked at him as I addressed him. “You can come and join the group, right, Henry, can he join the group?”

They hesitated and agreed, and the man who was hanging back stepped forward.

My friend and I then introduced our guides and Fallon (Fallon always amazes the dead, and clearly makes working with them easier, I think by somehow gathering trust, or, perhaps, authority). We also pointed out my dad, standing in the doorway to his Way Station, which is a cabin in the woods near a green meadow.

“That man is my father,” I told the group. “He has a place where you can rest up, until you’re ready to move on. Look, some people are gathering, your family members.”

Indeed, my friend could see people gathering behind dad.

In short order, the Hindenburg dead moved on, and Fallon sealed the doorway (I call it the Doorway between Dimensions because that sounds cool, but somehow Fallon can make sure that portals or openings between different dimensions, including between the dead who haven’t moved on and those who have, is safely sealed when we’re done).

When they were gone my friend and I talked. I pulled up an article on the Internet, found that the Hindenburg had crashed on May 6, 1937, and that 35 passengers and crew died, plus one ground crew. My friend was pretty close in her count of ‘about 30.’ We were moving fast: sometimes we actually get the names of the dead and the dates they died, but our intent here was to move them as quickly as possible. We were in shock, and the dead had waited long enough.

What I Learned

I believe this is what caused the sudden appearance of the dead from the Hindenburg in my living room.

  • The dead know that there are people who can see them and who can help them move on. That’s what brought them to me (and to others who can see them and are willing to help).
  • The wave of compassion I felt for them—nothing more or less than unconditional love for those who died horribly and stupidly—created an instant opening for them.
  • My partner, Fallon, is able and ready to react quickly to these sudden events and has the rare dimensional energy to facilitate them.

Some other thoughts.

  • It never occurred to me that the dead from mass tragedies would not have moved on. It makes sense, though. Individuals don’t move on that easily, and groups would be confused. 
  • The dead from events like the Hindenburg crash died suddenly and horrifically, and had no time to process it. Their shock when I told them that it was now 2013 makes me wonder if they aren’t stuck in the experience of the event as well (in my experience, most of the dead are shocked to find out the year I am talking to them from, which is why I think this). They clearly had no idea that years had gone by. They weren’t still living the exact event. They clearly knew they had died. But time as a linear experience for them simply ended, or somehow stretched. (Many people speculate on time not being linear to begin with, but that’s a topic for another day.)
  • The dead from 9/11 moved on immediately, from the stories I’ve heard. Many people today are aware of the process and the trauma, and there were many living people who reached out to help the angels and guides who came for the dead that day.
  • People have asked me: “I wonder how many times that has happened?” Meaning, how many times has someone helped the Hindenburg dead to move on (I hate the term ‘cross over,’ we need another less charged term to describe what really happens and not the mystical woo-woo associations of current terminology). Okay, the answer to that is: I don’t think anyone ever helped the Hindenburg dead to move on. In my experience, once the dead move on they are moved on and can’t go back to that in-between state. Even my dad who is clearly aware he is dead and has clearly wanted to come and comfort me, as in when my soul mate died in 2012, can’t come back from there. It just isn’t possible. We can talk, but they can’t leave their dimension. And we can’t go there until we die (I know that from personal experience, too, attempting to help a dog move on and getting knocked off the ‘bridge’ between dimensions by a guide).
  • The dead from past events appear to have no one to speak for them. Back in the 1930s perhaps there weren’t people who thought of helping the dead: religion still doesn’t do that at all (but, then, religion doesn’t do anything but guilt).
  • Since I so vividly became aware of the dead at mass tragedies, I am thinking of a way to gather other intuitives to focus on these events together to help in the transition. It will be a huge energy drain and be safer in a group. Physically. Emotionally. Intuitively. Every way.

So Now What?

I think my guides told me that I shouldn’t work with the random dead who show up without money because I need to earn a living, true, but also because I was getting ready, on a soul level, to work with the mass dead from past tragedies.

Because when the Hindenburg dead showed up, it felt, oddly, right. That this was work I can do: I am compassionate, level-headed, quick-thinking.

But for right now I am stunned. A bit daunted. And, somehow, ready.

Anybody else out there want to help?

© 2013 Robyn M Fritz

What Do You Want from a Space Clearing?

Puget Sound and Olympic MountainsIn my space clearing practice I am sometimes reminded that people don’t always ‘get’ what it is all about. So let me clear that up for you (okay, small pun intended).

First: we all want and need the same thing: a way to get an edge in our lives, to create the best personal, professional, and creative lives possible.

Here’s the surprise: start with space clearing, with getting the spaces you live and work in healthy, so the ground beneath your feet is as supportive as possible.

You start with getting a baseline on your space, as discussed in an earlier article. Then you define your goals for that space. But let’s back up a bit and explain space clearing.

What Space Clearing Is

Space clearing is a practical, holistic, intuitive technique that clears, or re-invigorates, the vibrations of the spaces we live and work in, much like vacuuming and dusting keep the physical space clean, and de-cluttering keeps it (reasonably) neat.

It doesn’t matter what the space is: whether you live in a tiny apartment or busy estate, or your business space is a cubicle, a bustling retail shop, or corporate or medical office, clearing the space will revive it, helping create healthy, balanced environments.

Space clearing involves vibrational, or energetic, clearing. Our ancestors did it, so it’s nothing new, it’s just something our modern culture is once again remembering.

When You Know You Need Space Clearing

How can you tell a space needs clearing? If you feel comfortable, invited, and intrigued by your spaces, they are healthy and clear. If you are tired, unfocused, and notice clients and staff are lackluster, your spaces need to be vibrationally cleared. If you just think a space needs to be clear, pay attention, because it probably does (that’s most likely your intuition talking, not your imagination).

The thing we tend to forget is that nothing stays clear without assistance. That’s why we’re always cleaning house and organizing our desks. Vibrational clearing is actually more intense, because both people and spaces (and the objects in them) are alive and have feelings, and bits of these emotions and thoughts spin off and mingle in a space, and inevitably clash.

That’s when you know you need clearing. And no, it’s not your fault. It’s life.

We sometimes mistakenly assume we need a space clearing because we must have done something wrong. This could happen when a sudden disruption brings us up short and reminds us that, yes, you had a professional clearing some years ago, and then got busy. The answer here: no, you didn’t do anything wrong; yes, regular clearings help; and yes, sudden disruptions happen.

At other times, life events occur, and space clearing seems like a good fit. That is true. Whether it is a sad event like an illness, divorce, or death, or a happy one like an anniversary, birthday, or graduation, acknowledging the change that occurs in the space and clearing it helps keep everyone at their best, including the space. Well done, a space clearing can include a ritual that adds both depth and beauty to an event.

Sometimes people are offended at the suggestion of a space clearing. This isn’t because some people consider it woo-wooey (although some do), but because they think clearing space implies that something is wrong with it, and, by extension, them.

It does not mean that. It simply acknowledges reality: that everything needs refreshing. It also can be a beautiful and uplifting ceremony all by itself, and is done to acknowledge and celebrate change.

Yes, space clearing can be done just to have fun with your spaces.

Hiring a Professional, and Determining Your Needs and Wants

Of course, you can clear your spaces yourself, and I recommend that you develop a regular practice of doing so. It will help you develop rituals that connect you with your spaces and the rhythms of life, especially if you do it monthly or seasonally. It will also help you stay attuned to what your spaces need to be their best, which helps you be your best (honest).

There are also many reasons why you’d want a professional to clear your space. These are times when you need a neutral, objective outsider. They include:

  • Real estate issues: buy/sell, remodel, new construction
  • Business issues: new or ongoing vibrational maintenance to keep spaces and staff vibrant and productive
  • Life issues: acknowledging life’s milestones, or support on your journey
  • Sudden or ongoing disruption: trauma, unexplained disturbances, ‘ghosts”
  • Training to do your own in-depth clearing

Now, if you are considering my Space Cooperating space clearing method, you and your space will be sharing mutual needs and wants:

  • You will be asking what space needs and wants.
  • You will be sharing what you need and want.

So, the first thing you do is establish your baseline for clearing, as detailed earlier. You employed all your senses to discover how your space appears to you: sight, sound, taste, touch, hearing, and intuition. That gave you some clues, some insights into things you might want to deal with.

Now, knowing that you can approach a clearing without feeling the weight of some karmic guilt (or benign neglect) as outlined above, you can consider your goals for a clearing.

Begin with a general intent:

What would you like to accomplish with the clearing? Peace of mind? Relaxation? Creative spark? An inviting business space? A celebration?

Then list 3-4 specific things you need and want from a space:

How could the space cooperate with you? Yes, what specific things would you like the space to help you with? Sometimes these are difficult, as you must sell a home. For example, I’ve had clients say goodbye and get a real firm idea of the kind of family life the space would want, information that helped their realtors sell faster.

Ask the space what it needs and wants:

Yes, this is a big reason why I’m out there doing Space Cooperating. Stunning things happen when people ask their spaces what they need and want. They learn the space’s personality quirks and interests, they hear its thoughts on their work, and they get unusual support for their creativity. I had one small houseboat volunteer its walls, ceiling, and floors as a canvas for its new owner’s art. The closeness that developed between them still makes me smile.

Very often asking a space what it thinks helps spur your own development, from expanding your personal and professional life to a soaring creative one. Spaces are our intimate partners, and the relationship and team-building that comes from sharing insights and desires creates a closeness that nurtures both sides.

It matters. You matter. Your spaces matter. Tell them what you need and want. Ask them what they need and want. Great things happen.

Spaces get clear. And so do you.

 © 2013 Robyn M Fritz

Video on Space Cooperating: Space Clearing That Talks with Spaces

Puget Sound and Olympic MountainsSpace Cooperating is a space clearing modality that I invented in Seattle at my company, Alchemy West. Why? Because it was needed.

Space Cooperating helps connect people and their spaces by meshing the needs and wants of both people and their spaces.

That’s right. I intuitively talk with homes, businesses, and land to find out their needs and wants as I explain human needs and wants. Then I bring them together to negotiate solutions. Then Fallon and I clear the spaces with alchemical energy (it helps the people, too).

What happens? Property sells, remodels are easier, people solve business problems, people and their spaces work wonders together. Awesome.

It’s all about mindset. If you really believed you were equal to all life, instead of dominating it, you would ask what it needed and wanted. Wouldn’t you? Check out our video.

YouTube Preview Image

© 2013 Robyn M Fritz

Profiling Animal Communicator Joan Ranquet’s Book, Communication with All Life

Joan Ranquet and friends I’m always curious about what makes people tick: how do they choose their work in the world, and what does it mean? I’m even more curious when they write a book and I get a chance to review it.

Does the book make a difference? Does the writer? I’m happy to say, in this case, yes. Twice.

Joan Ranquet is an animal communicator, author, and founder of Communication with All Life University. That means she works as an animal communicator, writes about it, and teaches it to people who either want to become professional animal communicators or who simply want to create a better relationship with their animal family members.

Communication with All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator, was published by Hay House in 2007. It’s a rarity: a book that will stand the test of time, remaining inspiring and relevant to an audience that is increasingly interested in animal communication as a practical tool for gaining a better understanding and appreciation of our animal companions.  

I have to admit that I personally know Joan Ranquet, and even took her introductory animal communication class back in 2001. At the time I thought animal communication was a joke, good fodder for a comic novel and an investigative journalism piece. I went into her class convinced I was the only sane person in the room—and, well, I am now a professional intuitive and my partner is a crystal ball. Ranquet let me into her class with the wry smirk I think she’s trademarked: she knows very well when people are ready to look at the world as it really is, and she’s quite ready to teach them how to do that. Even smirking.

What I learned that weekend from Joan and her associate, healer Donna Timmerman, was that real science is far simpler and more practical than most of us realize. And that animal communication—telepathy with animals—is both a science and an art that can give us real information about our animals, their health and behavior, and our personal relationship with the world that can make all of our lives better.

I thought then that the practical, mystical mindset Ranquet teaches needed a broader audience, and she gets it in this book. There are many animal communicators that get lost in the ozone of feel-good woo-wooey conversations that may be fun or intriguing but aren’t useful in daily life. Ranquet steers clear of the fuzziness and focuses on giving us a well-rounded perspective on our animals’ real lives, and on how we can create better relationships with them.

She knows her stuff. The book is packed with real-life animal communication stories that focus on lessons we can all learn, from deepening our understanding of our animal companions to letting go of limiting concepts like ‘rescue’ and ‘separation anxiety.’ These are practical, inspiring stories that really teach.

Joan RanquetThat alone makes the book worthwhile, but, ever practical, Ranquet next launches into how each of us can learn to communicate with our animals. Here she delves into our mindset, what we experience with telepathy, and how to live what we learn, from our attitudes to the practicalities of health care, including nutrition, vaccinations, and energy medicine (her next big book, on energy healing for animals, is due out this year and will be a game-changer).

Are you looking for inspirational yet practical advice from an experienced animal communicator, someone who can teach you how to hear your animals and to see the physical, behavioral, and medical issues that may be affecting them? Well, here you go.

Want to delve even deeper? Then get Ranquet’s e-book: Animal Communication 101: Simple Steps to Communicate with Animals. It explores how animal communication works and drills you on ethics and etiquette—on what is appropriate and what isn’t in talking with and about animals and their people. She also explores telepathy, how to energetically scan an animal (which she’ll clearly cover in more detail in her upcoming book), and how to conduct and evaluate a session. While this e-book is aimed at people taking her animal communication courses, it’s useful for anyone who wants to understand animal communication, from how it works to how to evaluate it in your family life.

I read a lot. That includes books on science, metaphysics, philosophy, animal care, and animal communication. Many of these books are speculative and written by people I worry about, because most of them are not well balanced and don’t encourage you to be, either.

Joan Ranquet isn’t like that—not in person, not teaching, and not writing. These books are, frankly, great, offering a solid grounding in the art and practice of animal communication. They are also a reminder that she has much more to offer in her training programs contained in her Communication with All Life University.

Do these books matter? Yes. Should you read them?

Well, that depends. Do you want to talk with animals? Do you want better understand your animals and yourself? Do you want to create the best life possible with your animals? Then, yes, don’t just read these books. Live them. They matter.

Joan Ranquet matters, too. She walks her talk. And writes it. So buy these books. Read them. Put them to work. Your animals will thank you.

©2013 Robyn M Fritz

Mindset: Why Changing Paradigms Changes the World

Patterns by Mary Van De Ven

Patterns by Mary Van De Ven

I will listen to anyone who has something to say to me—as long as they have a healthy interest in me and in building community. That’s actually a big crowd, because most of us are genuinely interested in building a better world, and actively seeking ways to do it.

But most of us forget that it isn’t just humans who are interested in us, so we miss a lot. We miss opportunities to connect and to grow, which makes us, and the world, a bit less than it could be.

I have been talking with nonhumans since I was a kid, from my banty chicken companions to trees, buildings, and the land around me. I didn’t always understand this; I only understood that I saw things differently than other people, that a strictly human perspective didn’t include the world I knew that was full of other beings who were eager to chime in—and routinely ignored.

To be clear, I was ignored, too. What saved me was that I was a girl in a small Oregon town that didn’t think girls were relevant, a dismissal that allowed my parents to humor me within a culture that had no frame of reference for someone like me. I survived because I was very bright, worked hard, and learned to block what everybody else was blocking.

I don’t do that anymore, and neither should you. We all need to quit blocking what the rest of the world needs to share with us. Because we need to be our best selves, and that’s the only way we can.

That means bridging paradigms, moving from a human worldview to an earth worldview. Simply put, it means changing mindset.

We’re used to operating from a human mindset—a paradigm that implies that humans are in control and the world revolves around us. It operates through cultural, religious, and governmental constraints. It’s not fun—and it’s not working.

The earth mindset is true, accurate, and works. It is the world as it really exists, acknowledging that everything is alive, has a soul, responsibility, free choice, a point of view—and is equal to us.

Everything—from our animals to our homes and businesses and the land around us.

Okay, so you’re thinking that you have enough to do without wondering what your car or house or business think.

Truth is, this worldview makes things easier, and that makes you better. To create healthy, vibrant, prosperous lives, we need rock solid ground beneath us. That means space clearing that really works: the modality we teach that we call Space Cooperating.That means intuitive communication that respects differences—so that we can all grow from them, communication that we call Mindset Alchemy.

Imagine the environment we can create by finding out what the land and water think, what our buildings need and want, what they can contribute to what we need and want. (Check out some of our intuitive stories at our website.)

Imagine the possibilities for growth, creativity, and just plain fun that occur when we broaden our perspective and respect the world and everything in it as an equal.

Humans only know a small part of the world—usually just what we think up. It limits us. Want to know the truth about global warming? Ask the hurricanes. Want to know how your home would like to nourish you, or what your business might suggest for attracting new clients? Want to know how to find a new home, or direct a remodel? Want insight you can’t get anywhere else—something that could change your life?

Ask the nonhuman beings in your life. But first, change your mindset. Instead of being a boss with only some of the information, you’ll be a partner with access to much more.


I teach this mindset in classes and in one-on-one sessions. It works. Your life will change. I’d say ‘trust me,’ but don’t. Trust yourself, and the beings who are waiting to share with you.

Come find out how.

©2013 Robyn M Fritz

Why Space Cooperating Is Better Than Traditional Space Clearing

lavenderSpace clearing is a great way to keep the energies or vibrations of a space healthy and balanced. It works, but the modality I created at Alchemy West, which I call Space Cooperating,SM works better. It’s part of the Seattle intuitive consultation practice for people, homes, and businesses that I run with my partner, Fallon, the Citrine Lemurian Quartz.

What Space Clearing Is

Space clearing is a holistic method of clearing the energies or vibrations of a space. Just as you need to dust or vacuum a space to keep it sparkling, you need space clearing to make a space feel good.

It’s easier to experience this concept than to intellectualize it. If you feel uncomfortable, tired, restless, vague, or uninspired at home or work, you need to clear those spaces. Even if you feel great, you need to keep a space clear so that it continues to feel great (just like house cleaning)—the more regularly you do it, the easier it is (again, just like, well, you get it).

The problem is, traditional space clearing, the type practiced by our ancestors and adapted for our times, forces a space to change to suit us. It in effect throws a blanket on top of the space. You may feel better for a bit, but it’s pretty hard to live, let alone breathe, under a blanket 24/7.

Why Space CooperatingSM Works Better

Space CooperatingSM clears space by inviting the space to tell us what it needs and wants, and then negotiating change. Because it negotiates instead of forcing, the space doesn’t end up feeling dense and heavy, but vibrant and healthy. What’s more, when we actively cooperate with our spaces, we create partnerships with them, and the most amazing things happen!

The insights we glean from our partners help us be our best selves. This is especially true of our spaces, because they are, literally, the ground beneath our feet, the rock solid foundation we need to grow on. Their unique insights into our needs and wants can be both practical and inspiring. The sad thing is, they are often overlooked by those of us who don’t think to invite them to share with us.

In my Space CooperatingSM practice I’ve seen:

  • a house over a century old perk up and invite its new family to play with it
  • a houseboat invite its new owner to use its walls, ceiling, and floor as an art canvas
  • a huge estate admit that the property it lived on was not suitable for a young family
  • a house that didn’t want to let go of its people understand they couldn’t stay, and call new people to it

Sure, this all might have happened with space clearing, but not as easily or as happily. Because Space CooperatingSM creates partnerships. And life is about connecting.

In future articles I’ll be discussing mindset, rituals, tools, practitioners, everything you need to know about clearing space with this new method.

But for now, what questions do you have about Space CooperatingSM?

© 2013 Robyn M Fritz

When It All Makes Sense: Stepping Up to Do Your Work

McMillin_081507_00004- skyWhat if you had an amazing ability, you stepped up and learned how to use it, and one day it all came together in a perfect moment? I saw that happen yesterday with a friend who is also one of my intuitive students.

Now, when people come to me for intuitive mentoring I tell them that all of our work, whatever it is, has value, and that their intuitive work may surprise them. I encourage them to learn how to use any ability that shows up: how else do you find what perfectly fits you and makes a difference—to you and to the world?

The truth is, developing our intuitive skills requires an open-minded, patient, tolerant worldview. Humans are actually the most limited beings out there—we have no idea what kind of jobs are out there, so we limit opportunities, or miss them altogether.

Working with the dead is one of those opportunities.

Now my friend started out learning to talk with animals, and for a long time she resisted talking with anything else. She’s one of the strongest clairaudients I know, so I challenged her to broaden her worldview and learn to talk with trees and other beings. She resisted, worried, like I used to be, that learning to talk with other beings meant she would somehow lose the ability to talk with animals.

Not true. Reassured, she opened up and had many fun, inspiring conversations with other beings. She learned the philosophy of communication we teach at Alchemy West, and she blossomed because she put ego aside and simply learned how to relate to other beings as equals. She was fascinated at how complex the universe really is.

And then the dead started showing up.

That’s when my crystal partner, Fallon, and I started to teach her how we work with the dead, from start to finish. She also started working with my dad, who runs what I call The Way Station for Dead Things on the Other Side, and several deceased animals (and yes, I’m a bit jealous that she works with my dad so often, he’s my dad). Lately I’ve had her set specific times and days of the week to help the dead move on, and it’s working quite well.

Of course you know this story is going to end up a bit of a tearjerker, because, as life goes, it all came together for my friend yesterday, when her mother died. They had a rocky relationship for a long time (my friend’s mom was, to say the least, not a nice person). When the end was clearly in sight I encouraged my friend to make peace, which she did. I woke up in the middle of the night yesterday, with my dad telling me my friend’s mother had died but she wasn’t with him.

In future articles I will explain more about how Fallon and I work with the dead. For now, know that I didn’t say anything until late in the afternoon, when my friend called to talk and it was clear to me that her mother had not yet moved on. I suggested that she help her.

“I thought she’d crossed over,” my friend said.

“No, and I think it’s a good idea that you help her,” I said. “Fallon and I will help, too, and my dad’s waiting. But you should take the lead here. I think your mom needs to know what wonderful work you do, and you need to hear her say so.”

My friend took a shaky breath and agreed. In the next few minutes she beautifully moved through the procedure I’d taught her and connected with her mother, who was, with good reason, surprised and moved to discover her daughter’s wonderful skill. Reassured, she moved on, and my dad took over. One more soul safely on the other side.

(As a side note, here, my dad reported to both of us that her mother is just as cantankerous as ever, which just goes to show that dying is not quite what religion keeps telling us it is.)

Interesting how things turn out, isn’t it? My beautiful friend was never really appreciated by her mother, who had to die to see her for the amazing woman she is—a woman who saw her intuitive strength and stepped up to do her work. In those few minutes two women long at odds with each other experienced peace and acceptance, and had a chance to really say goodbye.

It would never have happened if my friend had not stepped up to do her work. Not out of ego or pride or false modesty or the mistaken idea that it was sacred work mysteriously granted to her, but simply out of acknowledgment and proper use of an innate ability.

My friend did her job because she could and because it was there in front of her. As a result she and her mother achieved a healing of sorts in death that they never quite reached in life.

It’s awesome how stepping up to do our work sometimes works out and makes sense in a way you never expected.

So, are you stepping up to do yours?

© 2013 Robyn M Fritz

Lemurian Crystals and Energy Clearing

Closeup of Lemurian crystal the Big Guy in the Woods Lemurian Crystal healing for Alki Fallon the Citrine Lemurian Quartz in the grass Fallon the Citrine Lemurian Quartz sitting on the Big Lemurian Guy in the Woods Fallon with the Big Guy in the Woods Mary communing with the Big Lemurian Guy in the Woods Murphy communicating with the Big Lemurian Guy in the Woods Murphy's healing session with Robyn M Fritz and Deidre Berg and the Big Guy in the Woods See Murphy in the Lemurian stone - after Murphy's healing session The Big Lemurian Guy in the Woods fully activated